Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Freedom Wins: Senate Rejects Background Checks Bill

In a great day for freedom in America, the Senate rejected a so-called bipartisan background check
bill, sending Obama and the other charlatans to defeat.

The bill wasn't bipartisan, as only a few Republicans voted for it. I guess some in Washington and the corrupt mainstream media now define bipartisan as getting anyone from the other party to sign on to a bill. Facts are there never was bipartisanship, and there was never any doubt this bill was doomed from the start.

Even the idea this was a close vote was obliterated by the 46 Senators that rejected it. It needed 60 votes to pass.

It shows how despicable mainstream media outlets have become, as they continually made it sound as if this was a nail biter, apparently to appear to be relevant and persuasive. In the end it shows how weak and anemic mainstream media is, as well as the opponents of the 2nd Amendment.

Whining liberal Democrats predictably blustered about the defeat, revealing how weak they are and how they don't represent the majority of Americans.

Democrats in states that are friendly to guns voted against the measure. Those were Heidi Heitkamp of North Dakota, Mark Begich of Alaska, Mark Pryor of Arkansas and Max Baucus of Montana.

Since anyone with knowledge of the matter this was an incremental move to eventually implement draconian gun control and confiscation laws, it's good to see the background check bill soundly defeated.

It also shows how Obama has become only a lame duck, rhetorical windbag, rather than someone trying to seriously make changes.

If he had targeted mental health and the training and arming of personnel in public schools and other public gathering places, he would have shown he was serious about truly protecting Americans. As it is, he is seen to be the weak, anemic politician he is, whose agenda is out of step with the vast majority of Americans.

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