Monday, March 11, 2013

Disarming America by Attacking and Brainwashing Children

Kids being trained right!
It appears the endless sick and warped responses by those in the American educational system towards harmless gestures and obvious toy guns over the last decade or so is a direct attack on children so in a relatively few years they'll be brainwashed into believing guns are evil. And they're not being rightly taught that  it's what's on the inside of people that is the cause of homicide deaths using guns in the America, not guns themselves.

For those who may not follow these things, this attack has been going on for a decade or more, not simply as a knee-jerk reaction to the Sandy Hook killings. That means this is being specifically orchestrated, and is plan thought out and specifically implemented ... targeting young children.

It isn't the discipline that is solely outrageous - although it is - it's the use of that discipline as a training exercise and warning to other children that is the evil being done here.

This is no doubt an exercise in social engineering, and the pay back for the American government could be a short several years away.

I say that because the current rejection of gun control efforts by the American republic remains robust, and is causing pause to out-of-control politicians who want to dispense with the Second Amendment.

But you can also see the seeds of the outrageous attacks on children using the public school system as it means of training them to oppose firearms in the future bearing fruit, and it could get worse going forward.

One thing I believe that could stop all of that is an unrelated issue, and that is the faltering global and American economy. This is why I believe all of these mainstream media reports on this alleged recovery are being thrown about so much. It's not only to make Obama and this extreme administration look good, but to result in American citizens believing they can stop being concerned about it so they'll focus on other irrelevant problems such as gun control.

The last couple of unemployment reports have been downwardly revised, and we'll see the same with the latest one, which continues to be reported on as legitimate, even though the unexpectedly high numbers still haven't reached a sustainable level of a real recovery. And that assumes the data put forth are real.

In the instructive video below, we see a call to pulling children out of the public schools in response to this brainwashing process; with guns being the specific parameters of the video, although it could be applied to numerous areas of life.

The bottom line conclusion is it's a collectivist attempt to use group pressure to break the will of the children so they'll be primed for what the government wants to do in the future.

Just ask yourselves one question: Why are these fake gun busts being enacted when law enforcement knows they aren't based on any threat? The answer is obvious. Tell us in the comments what you believe them to be.

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