Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Actresses with Guns: Action Shots of Ladies from Hollywood

All the attempts of Hollywood to distance itself from the fact it has been among the most fond supporters of guns as evidenced in the endless amount of action, thriller and horror films depicting the use of firearms of all types in film and on TV, makes it the height of hypocrisy to now make it look like the violence portrayed in films is disconnected from gun violence in America, as it joins the liberal bandwagon to ban many guns in the nation.

With that in mind, here are a number of photos of actresses in action using guns, or posing with them to promote the respective films or shows.

Included are images of Kate Beckinsale, Martha Higareda, Zoe Zaldana, Emma Stone, Summer Glau, Alison Carrol, and Milla Jovovich.

There are an endless number of others that could have been included, but they do testify to the need of women to learn how to hand a gun and own one for their own protection, and the protection of their families.

One thing to note in this group of photos is the variety of guns used in the photos by the actresses.

This image of Alison Carroll is the result of being the last model used for the Tomb Raider franchise, this one from Tomb Raider: Underworld.

Zoe Zaldana in a determined action pose. See the firearm hidden behind her?

Here is one of my favorite action actresses - Summer Glau - who I think is highly underrated. This is from her role in the Terminator television series.


Next is Kate Beckinsale in one of the more identifiable action scenes from the Underworld franchise. The intensity of her eyes is extraordinary. 

This is probably my favorite photo of a Hollywood actress in an action scene with a gun, as Martha Higareda gives the impression that she not only knows how to handle a gun, but is more than willing to do so. 

No photo gallery of actresses in gun scenes would be complete without Milla Jovovich in her Resident Evil role. This is a typical scene you would expect from her character, which used a wide array of guns to fulfill her mission.

Finally here is a great pic of Emma Stone with her shotgun in Zombieland. In our zombie world it shows we all need protection against the crazies and weirdos wanting to do us harm.

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