Monday, April 15, 2013

Republicans Looking at Mental Health Issues for Gun Bill

It is highly unlikely there will be any real or significant changes in gun laws going forward, as there is little political capital - if any - for Republicans to lose if they continue to rightly oppose background checks at gun shows and limits on so-called assault rifles, which are very seldom used in homicides in America.

Republicans are rather looking at mental health issues surrounding gun control, one that the majority of people and lawmakers could probably support, depending on how it would be worded.

While being suppressed, there is strong evidence the majority of multiple deaths from guns has come from young men on strong medication, which restrictions could actually help to eliminate some of those.

The real problem is guns don't kill people, and it's what's inside of certain people that results in murders, no matter what the chosen weapon of choice may be.

By far the best way to limit murders in public areas is to have trained and armed personnel on hand to deal with the potential murderer.

Gun restrictions of any type only work for those already not likely to harm anyone using a gun as a weapon, as evidenced by the ability of criminals and sick people to steal or buy them at will.

Only trained and armed people can deal with the situation on the ground as it emerges, and they will continue to happen no matter what gun control laws would be put into place.

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