Tuesday, February 26, 2013

NJ Firebrand Teacher Blasts Lawmakers on Gun Control

Retired New Jersey teacher Carole Moore educated some New Jersey lawmakers recently, in a two-minute exhortation that left their ears warm.

Moore laid into them about the fact that tyrants like dictators Hitler and Stalin made it one of their major goals to disarm the people in the early stages of their rule so when they took absolute power, there would be no one in their respective countries to significantly oppose them.

She was only getting going with that. Moore than let them know how things could have turned out differently at Newtown.

“If I had been in that school in Connecticut, I would have been the first one out of the door, I would have been the first one charging,” Moore said. “The principal should have had a firearm. The associate principal should have had a firearm. They should have been prepared.
“I can protect my grandchildren when they’re at my home, but when I send them to your school system, who’s protecting my kids?
“You’ve’ been educated. I’m a school teacher, I’m also a firearms instructor and lifetime member of the NRA that’s been teaching firearm safety for the past 150 years. I’m damned proud to be here, and I’m so glad you listened.”

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