Saturday, May 25, 2013

Texas Teachers Can be Armed Marshals Under New Bill

A bill that will allow Texas teachers to be "armed marshals" easily passed the Texas senate, and is
headed to the desk of Governor Rick Perry, where it is expected to be signed.

Employees not in direct contact with students will be allowed to carry concealed weapons on their persons. Those in direct contact with students will have the firearm placed in a lockbox "within immediate reach."

Whether teachers or administrators, after 80 hours of training, they will be allowed to bring a gun on campus.

This is a terrific step in protecting children in the public school system; one that should be adopted across the nation.

The new law will allow one marshall per each 400 students. The name of any marshall won't be on the public records in order to protect them from being targeted in an attack.

It's too bad the provision of one per 400 students was included, as having several marshalls on hand would be even more beneficial to students and teachers.

Nonetheless, this is terrific news, and hopefully will become a groundswell that sweeps the nation.

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