Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Gun Control Extremist Caitlin J. Halligan Blocked by Senators

The controversial Caitlin J. Halligan, Obama's pick to serve on the powerful District of Columbia court, has been blocked by Senators today.

Even before the gun rights debate Halligan has been under fire over Second Amendment issues, being targeted by the GOP in 2011 via a filibuster. Now that the battle over the right to bear arms is in full swing, her anti-gun agenda is even more under scrutiny. By a vote of 51-41, the debate on Halligan's nomination was ended by the Senate.

Sixty votes are needed for it to go forward. Republicans note that Halligan is an activist judge who uses her personal views in making many of her judgements.

Orrin G. Hatch, R-Utah, said about Halligan that she is “one of the most activist judicial nominees that we’ve seen in years. The Senate owes the president no deference [on such a pick].”

Halligan has supported the atrocious legal argument that would criminalize gun manufacturers for crimes committed using their firearms. It's seen largely as an attempt to slow down gun sales.

Gun Owners of America said this about Halligan: “As New York’s solicitor general, Halligan was one of the chief lawyers responsible for New York’s baseless and politically motivated efforts to bankrupt gun manufacturers using frivolous litigation,” adding that Halligan “one of the most anti-gun judicial nominees in recent memory.”

The only Republican crossing party lines on the vote was Alaska’s Lisa Murkowski.

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