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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Did Victim Culture Kill Reporter, Photographer?

Parker and Ward
As the story unfolds concerning the brutal murder of reporter Alison Parker and photographer Adam Ward, there is no doubt that murderer Vester Lee Flanagan II, a black, gay man, had been socialized by race and gay hustlers to find hidden meaning in anything that could be twisted into being considered offensive.

General Manager Jeff Marks said Flanagan had been fired because he was "difficult to work with," and was "looking out for people to say things that he could take offense to." Eventually he was fired, and police had to be called to escort him from the TV station.

The fact his employment files showed workers were instructed to call 911 if Flanagan was ever seen on the property, shows Marks was probably being more kind to the kind of monster Flanagan was than he described.

This is why it's so important to oppose race hustlers and similar liberals like Al Sharpton, who encourage this type of unjustified anger by asserting so many people are victims.

Too bad people aren't giving heed to the need to bear arms, as it would save a lot of lives.

Obviously the gun control nuts are out in force once again in an attempt to use this tragedy to further their despicable agenda to disarm America. That has already backfired, as a number of news outlets and Internet sites have called for these people to shut up and respect the real victims of this crime.

Saturday, August 22, 2015

There Should Be No Gun-Free Zones in Public Places

It's incredibly ignorant to continually push for gun-free zones in public places, as it obviously invites those intent on doing harm to come and do so.

While it's great to see the Texas state law implemented which allows concealed handguns for those with permits to be in classrooms, dorms and other areas, it's unfortunate it left wiggle room for universities to still be able to designate some areas as gun-free. It makes no sense.

In this world as it is, who wants to hang out in a place that forbids people to protect themselves? Are people so ignorant as to think this will stop anyone with the intent to harm others? The point is to make sure anyone thinking of hurting others will have to pay a big price for their actions.

Some Texas universities, such as the University of Texas, have formed committees to write policies concerning how guns will be allowed on campus.

The problem that will arise is the universities' leadership will attempt to limit the spirit of the law, which will bring about lawsuits to clarify it. There is already a battle brewing over how much discretion universities in Texas have concerning the law.

Gun opponents in power will do everything they can to make it hard for those carrying guns.

The Texas law will take effect on August 1, 2016. We'll see how it plays out leading up to that date, as it will likely reveal the hurdles and stalling tactic similar laws and measures will face going forward.

As for gun-free zones, we need to continue to diligently pursue the abandonment of this idea, and open up all public places so being able to defend ourselves.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

“Starbuck” Gun Tweet Loses Half Her Following

A gun tweet from Battlestar Galactica actress Katee Sackhoff resulting in her losing half of her following on Twitter, when after seeing a report about a boy four-years-old who accidentally shot his father after a loaded gun was left unattended at the house of a friend.

Sackhoff's gun sin? After the incident she tweeted this: “Please practice gun safety. This is horrible!”

The bizarre response was because Sackhoff called for gun safety rather than gun control.

Her response to her opponents was this concerning the silly call for no guns: “Never gonna happen in the US. Proper gun safety is a necessity though.”

Before her tweet, Sackhoff had just under 200,000 followers. After the tweet, it dropped to about 98,000, although it rebounded later to over 119,000.

This is great for Sackhoff, as she was shown to be wise, bold and levelheaded, while her detractors looked extremely juvenile in comparison. To think that a call for gun safety would cause this only shows the lack of mental comprehension by gun control opponents. It was a great rebuke to them, largely self-inflicted.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Texas Teachers Can be Armed Marshals Under New Bill

A bill that will allow Texas teachers to be "armed marshals" easily passed the Texas senate, and is
headed to the desk of Governor Rick Perry, where it is expected to be signed.

Employees not in direct contact with students will be allowed to carry concealed weapons on their persons. Those in direct contact with students will have the firearm placed in a lockbox "within immediate reach."

Whether teachers or administrators, after 80 hours of training, they will be allowed to bring a gun on campus.

This is a terrific step in protecting children in the public school system; one that should be adopted across the nation.

The new law will allow one marshall per each 400 students. The name of any marshall won't be on the public records in order to protect them from being targeted in an attack.

It's too bad the provision of one per 400 students was included, as having several marshalls on hand would be even more beneficial to students and teachers.

Nonetheless, this is terrific news, and hopefully will become a groundswell that sweeps the nation.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Freedom Wins: Senate Rejects Background Checks Bill

In a great day for freedom in America, the Senate rejected a so-called bipartisan background check
bill, sending Obama and the other charlatans to defeat.

The bill wasn't bipartisan, as only a few Republicans voted for it. I guess some in Washington and the corrupt mainstream media now define bipartisan as getting anyone from the other party to sign on to a bill. Facts are there never was bipartisanship, and there was never any doubt this bill was doomed from the start.

Even the idea this was a close vote was obliterated by the 46 Senators that rejected it. It needed 60 votes to pass.

It shows how despicable mainstream media outlets have become, as they continually made it sound as if this was a nail biter, apparently to appear to be relevant and persuasive. In the end it shows how weak and anemic mainstream media is, as well as the opponents of the 2nd Amendment.

Whining liberal Democrats predictably blustered about the defeat, revealing how weak they are and how they don't represent the majority of Americans.

Democrats in states that are friendly to guns voted against the measure. Those were Heidi Heitkamp of North Dakota, Mark Begich of Alaska, Mark Pryor of Arkansas and Max Baucus of Montana.

Since anyone with knowledge of the matter this was an incremental move to eventually implement draconian gun control and confiscation laws, it's good to see the background check bill soundly defeated.

It also shows how Obama has become only a lame duck, rhetorical windbag, rather than someone trying to seriously make changes.

If he had targeted mental health and the training and arming of personnel in public schools and other public gathering places, he would have shown he was serious about truly protecting Americans. As it is, he is seen to be the weak, anemic politician he is, whose agenda is out of step with the vast majority of Americans.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Republicans Looking at Mental Health Issues for Gun Bill

It is highly unlikely there will be any real or significant changes in gun laws going forward, as there is little political capital - if any - for Republicans to lose if they continue to rightly oppose background checks at gun shows and limits on so-called assault rifles, which are very seldom used in homicides in America.

Republicans are rather looking at mental health issues surrounding gun control, one that the majority of people and lawmakers could probably support, depending on how it would be worded.

While being suppressed, there is strong evidence the majority of multiple deaths from guns has come from young men on strong medication, which restrictions could actually help to eliminate some of those.

The real problem is guns don't kill people, and it's what's inside of certain people that results in murders, no matter what the chosen weapon of choice may be.

By far the best way to limit murders in public areas is to have trained and armed personnel on hand to deal with the potential murderer.

Gun restrictions of any type only work for those already not likely to harm anyone using a gun as a weapon, as evidenced by the ability of criminals and sick people to steal or buy them at will.

Only trained and armed people can deal with the situation on the ground as it emerges, and they will continue to happen no matter what gun control laws would be put into place.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Is Senate Bill for Background Checks at Gun Shows a Joke?

If you were to believe the corrupt mainstream media, the Senate bill which would mandate
background checks at gun shows is a giant step that is a big game-changer in regard to gun control.

The problem? It probably has no chance whatsoever of passing the Republican-controlled House of Representatives, which means all of this absurd coverage of the bill is political theater generated to placate second amendment opponents.

It is also an attempt to manipulate some clueless politicians that there is a groundswell of support for background checks, when if fact Americans are far more concerned about things like the weak economy and their financial future.

Also a factor is the media don't want Americans to understand that all of this is pretty much a joke, so media continue to cover the Senate vote as if it has some meaning, when it has little importance at all.

There is no doubt this bill is highly unlikely to go anywhere in the House. About all it's doing is increasing the demand for guns and ammo, which is pushing up the price of both.

As for Senator Pat Toomey, who has foolishly come out in support of the bill, his days could be numbered, as he has formerly received an "A" rating from the NRA. The next time ratings are released by the NRA, Toomey should receive a failing grade.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Extremist Caitlin Halligan Withdraws from Court Nomination

Republicans scored a big victory over Barack Obama and his extremist, anti-gun and anti-Second Amendment nomination to the federal appeals court: Caitlin Halligan.

Republicans said the ultra-liberal and radical Halligan was an activist judge who flaunted the law by working to undermine American laws in regard to illegal immigrants, as well as worked against the legal manufacturing of guns in America.

Republican leader Mitch McConnell pointed out extreme actions Halligan took when solicitor general for the state of New York. He said in one specific case she attempted to make it legal for the National Labor Relations Board to grant back pay to illegal aliens.

Halligan also said concerning gun manufacturers that they were a big part of the problem of illegal guns in the state of New York. Radical and out-of-touch ideas like this are what stalled her upward move, and she has no one to blame but herself for her outrageous positions.

Considered the second most important court in the land, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit is considered a step from being nominated to the Supreme Court, so there has been an increasing scrutiny over who is nominated.

This is a good sign from the Republicans, who have caved on numerous issues that they didn't need to, as they wrongly interpreted the political winds, which afterwards would have proven to be considered a positive move by the party. As an example, look at the media manipulation and Obama's screed on the effects sequestration would have on the country. Few people even remember it now, and it was never a big deal to the American people.

Republicans need to realize they're on the right side of a lot of issues, and the should have the guts to see many things through till the end.

The Second Amendment and the right to bear arms is one of them. They'll find if they hold steady, once the legislation is rejected, the majority of people in the United States won't care at all, and will consider their stand a principled and courageous one.

Hopefully the blocking of a vote for Halligan resulting in her withdrawing her name for consideration is a step in the right direction for the GOP.

Feinstein: A Gift That Keeps on Giving

Gun control extremist Diane Feinstein is one of the best gifts conservatives and Republicans could have hoped for, as her pressuring of Democrats not in a safe state as she is will result in them being thrown out by voters in the next election if they vote for her bill on so-called assault rifles.

The bill has never had a chance to be passed, and Harry Reid noted he can only guarantee, in the best-case-scenario, about 40 votes. Still Feinstein whiningly presses on, seemingly oblivious to the career-ending results awaiting her colleagues. It doesn't get better than this for those of us wanting more of these radicals thrown out of office.

If they do in fact vote for Feinsteins bill, it will be their last year as politicians.

What's hilarious about this is Feinstein is stomping her feet and throwing a tantrum over the possibility the bill won't even be brought to the floor for a vote by Reid, who understands the dilemma he faces, and will probably make a political enemy out of Feinstein, who is being made to look like a bigger fool every day that passes.

Americans don't want this bill, as evidenced by the fact so few politicians are willing to vote for it. They have heard from their constituents, and even though some believe wrongly in the bill, they will have to vote against the people they represent to assuage those beliefs.

Now the question comes down to whether or not they're bold enough to vote their beliefs or to vote in a way that goes along with the wishes of the people they represent. Poor politicians.

There is no way out for any of them. Either Harry Reid will made to look a liar for telling Feinstein he will bring the legislation to the floor for a vote; the liberal Democrats will vote for the bill if it is brought to the floor; or Feinstein will look extremely weak and without influence.

All of this is great for conservatives and Republicans. It doesn't get much better than this.

We can hope the Democrats are forced to vote on the bill, which will alter the political landscape in favor of more conservative politicians. It's a win now no matter what happens in the outcome.

This is another reason why Bill Clinton warned his fellow Democrats to not aggressively pursue gun control. They're learning through hard experience why.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Inclusion of Expanded Background Checks in Debates Called Victory

Only a bizarre media outlet like Bloomberg could call the inclusion of an expansion of federal background checks in proposed legislation to be debated a victory.

Think of it. Including something in bill to be debated is somehow considered a victory for opponents of Second Amendment rights. What a strange assertion; one that isn't even intellectually cohesive.

It shows the failure of Democrats and liberals in the attempt to trash the Second Amendment and the right to bear arms. If a victory is allowing something to be debated, it is already a defeat.

This is why Harry Reid is calling it a victory for proponents of restricting the use of guns in America. He's attempting to save face for the misguided and delusional Democratic Party, which was warned by former President Bill Clinton they shouldn't attempt to take on Americans concerning guns. It's part of our lives, and no one is going to take away our freedom to own guns for protection, hunting, and recreational use.

The silly Bloomberg article is so blinded by their hatred of the Second Amendment that it Alan Fram to even assert this as being "an aggressive approach" by the Democrats. Does he disrespect his readers so much that he would make such an ignorant comment?

Reid continued to ram the idea down American throats that he has the upper hand, saying this: "I want to be clear: In order to be effective, any bill that passes the Senate must include background checks." Let me make it clear Harold: there will be no bill passed then. Who cares?

What all this says is Reid and the Democrats are running scared. They know they've bitten off more than they can chew, and are starting to see this will be a deal-changer in the next election.

The reason I say that is the endless changes to the legislation which gives the appearance the Democrats are moving forward, when in fact they're being pushed backwards, as evidenced by the removal of a ban on automatic rifles championed by the clueless Dianne Feinstein, who is still licking her wounds over her very public defeat.

Sen. Charles Grassley of Iowa sees this, "I don't know how the leader expects members to vote on an ever-changing piece of legislation that has yet to gain bipartisan support."

Again, all the changes are attempts of Democrats to make it look like they're battling, when in effect they're really in an organized retreat that they are fighting to keep from being viewed as the route it in fact is.

The public doesn't buy the nonsense proffered by liberals that guns are what kill people. Everyone knows it's people that kill people, whether it's using a gun, fists, knives, or other potential weapon.

In the end, the best policy is to have trained people in public situations that are licensed to pack and protect those under their care. That is the only answer to a world that includes evil.
Criminals and crazies will always have access to guns and other potential weapons, so criminalizing or banning the use of firearms only takes away the freedoms and liberties of law-abiding citizens. We aren't going to let that happen.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Proposed Assault Weapons Ban Dropped in Defeat

In another blow to anti-Second Amendment politicians, Harry Reid let extremist Dianne Feinstein know that her bill to ban assault weapons was being dropped from existing legislation. In the best-case-scenario the bill only had 40 supporters.

All this was was a giant waste of time apparently initiated for political theater which the liberal, mainstream media ate up. It was never going to happen. Period!

Feinstein is even trying to recoup some dignity after being publicly trounced by the electorate, which overwhelmingly oppose the liberal from California.

Even the media watching it die attempt to offer support to Feinstein, saying it could come up for a vote later. Who cares? It's dead. It's going to be voted down and trounced again if it is brought up.

The disingenuous Reid read the handwriting on the wall and knew the moderate Democrats being pressured to vote for the legislation would get hammered in the next election, which could result in a huge shift in power for the Republicans.

This happened with Obamacare, and will no doubt happen again if these draconian attempts at taking away the right of Americans to bear arms is passed.

The pathetic Feinstein is living in the ultimate state of denial by again blaming the NRA for all of this. It sounds like Hillary Clinton when talking about the "vast right-wing conspiracy."

Liberal nuts like these can't see that it's the American people that oppose all of this, not special interest groups that exist as a representative of that opposition. If there were no NRA there would still be just as much opposition to gun control as there is now.

While this is one victory we have to be careful, as this, in my estimation, has always been a set up to get other legislation passed which now appears to be less intrusive to Second Amendment advocates.

What is being proposed now is to combine the other bills together in order to put pressure on conservatives and moderate Democrats to vote for it. Unless they're totally blinded to the immense support they have, they would have to be politically suicidal to sign on to any of these ridiculous bills.

Just a little while ago sequestration was being presented as a disaster for Republicans. No one even cares about it in the aftermath, and things are going along just fine now.

Not only will that be the same with guns, but it will be even more beneficial for Republicans and conservatives going forward.

Friday, March 15, 2013

LaPierre: A ‘violent rapist deserves to face … a good woman with a gun’

Wayne LaPierre was on top of his game when blasting the efforts of some in Congress to implement universal background checks and a federal gun registry.

NRA head Wayne LaPierre offered another fiery critique of Congress’s actions on gun control Friday, suggesting universal background checks and a federal gun registry are only meant to tax guns and confiscate them.
LaPierre got one of his biggest applause lines at the Conservative Political Action Conference, though, when he turned to the matter of self-defense, suggesting that a gun is the best defense against a “violent rapist.”
“The one thing a violent rapist deserves to face is a good woman with a gun,” he said.
Background checks a pretext for gun registration, says LaPierre.

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