Saturday, March 9, 2013

Gun Control Blowing Up in Democrats' Faces

As the mainstream media hype is starting to be ignored concerning the false idea that the majority of Americana support gun control, it's increasingly clear that not only is that not true, but many voters registered as Democrats in the liberal Colorado oppose many of the proposed measures in that state being touted as having the approval of the people.

This is extraordinarily significant because Colorado is essentially an extension of California. For those that don't know, there has been for years a migration of Californians to the state, which is why it has taken on such a strong, liberal flavor.

But that hasn't overcome the strong feelings about gun ownership, the right to bear arms, and the Second Amendment for many Democrats residing there.

This is confirmed by a recent poll by Public Opinion Strategies, which found that the majority of people polled don't believe “sweeping gun control measures will make them any safer.” This is the exact opposite to the narrative the media have attempted to create.

According to the poll, "While only 8% of Democrats oppose all of the gun control measures we tested, 70% of Democratic voters oppose one or some combination of the proposals (either the comprehensive package, the background checks, the liability claim, or the high-capacity magazine ban).” This makes Democrats far more vulnerable than they appear to be based upon media assertions and reports.

It's no surprise that Colorado Republican voters oppose the proposed regulations, but what is very important is independents overwhelmingly oppose the key gun control measures pushed by the Colorado Democrat lawmakers.

"For the most part, the highly politically prized Independent voting bloc also opposes the key gun control measures we tested in this survey. Fully 69% oppose passing the comprehensive legislation (33% oppose outright, 36% think it goes too far), 84% oppose holding manufacturers and sellers liable, and 55% oppose the high-capacity magazine ban when presented with both sides. The one area of exception is the proposal to require gun buyers to pay the cost for a background check (51% of Republicans and 69% of Independent favor it). But, on the whole, Independents are more inclined to agree with Republicans (and gun owners), than with Democrats (and anti-NRA allies).”

The most important finding of the poll confirms something I've been seeing for some time, and that is the gun control "issue" is being forced on the American people by mainstream media outlets that see this as an extraordinary opportunity to get something they've wanted for decades. But according to the poll, even in Colorado gun control isn't close to being that important to the residents of the state, coming in only sixth among the things that are vital to their own interests.
“Colorado voters want to see the Governor and State Legislature focus on the economy and jobs, first and foremost. When asked to identify the top legislative priorities for the current year, economic issues top the list (52%), followed by improving public education (40%), and balancing the state budget (27%). Passing gun control legislation ranks sixth out of the nine issues tested – with only 14% saying the issue is something they want the Governor and legislature to focus on this year,” said the pollster.

I believe this is why the outrageous job creation numbers recently came out, as they were jacked up to make it look like the U.S. economy is growing at a fast pace in order for the focus of the American people to be on gun control rather than what really is important to them.

The job creation numbers will be downwardly revised, although what is trying to be done is for the legislation at the federal level to be passed before it is discovered the U.S. economy remains extremely weak.

Whatever the tactics used, Democrats are in potentially big trouble, and the results in the next election could be far more devastating to them than it was to the Democrats forced to back Obamacare, and who all stepped down or were soundly defeated afterwards.

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