Monday, March 11, 2013

"New Ketucky Rifle" Demand Soaring for Kentucky Craftsman

The Kentucky Rifle is famous in America for playing a major part in winning independence by America in the Revolutionary War. Now the "old" Kentucky rifle - a muzzleloader - has been set aside as the AR-15 is now considered by many to be the "new" Kentucky rifle.

To that end master craftsman Keith Pitt in Lexington Kentucky has built a solid business manufacturing these amazingly high quality guns which he can't keep up with the orders on, and has had to shut down the ordering mechanism on his website because of the huge demand after Sandy Hook and in wake of political focus on the AR-15.

Larue County News reports:

Before the mass killing at Sandy Hook Elementary School, Keith Pitt's AR-15 business in Lexington, Kentucky was growing at a good pace, but after the murders he couldn't keep up with orders, as people bombarded his online store in anticipation of the possibility AR-15s would be banned or restricted.

Orders became so robust that Keith has had to temporarily close his online store, which is found at Accurate Armory.  

On the front page of the popular site there is a message that says this: "Due to the overwhelming demand for AR-15 rifles in the current political climate, we are so back ordered that we have taken our online store offline, temporarily."

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