Saturday, March 9, 2013

Democrat Senators Feeling Pro-Gun Heat

Whether you like former president Bill Clinton or not, he is as politically astute as a person can get, and when he saw the Democrats move towards gun control, he warned the party they shouldn't take that route. They didn't listen. It would cost them the Senate in 2014 if Democrat senators in gun rights states are pressured and cave.

The problem for the Democrats is they have gone all in on this, as the liberal media quickly and ferociously joined the cause, with the usual lack of understanding and interest in the millions of Americans whom don't line up with their ideology, and the media don't understand or care about.

That has raised the stakes for Democrats in states with a majority which resist the gun control efforts of the national Democrats, who are rightly perceived as being out of touch with them.

Vulnerable Democratic senators include Max Baucus of Montana, Mary Landrieu of Louisiana, Kay Hagan of North Carolina, Mark Pryor of Arkansas, Mark Begich of Alaska and Tim Johnson of South Dakota.

The big question lingering in the minds of many people is the career sacrifices forced on Democrats in the Obamacare fiasco, where those refusing to represent the states they were supposed to either refused to run because they were going to get slaughtered by their opponents, or they ran and got voted out.

Will the national, Obama Democrats force this upon there fellow Democrats again, even though it would no doubt cost them the Senate? That seems to be the real question people are waiting to have answered.

These Democrats especially, and others as well, know they don't have the luxury of being coy over time, as these decisions are being forced upon them now, not after the next elections.

For national, liberal Democrats, they will view them as traitors because they don't care at all about them or the people they serve. They are driven by ideology, and the people in mid-America, the south, and parts of the west know this.

Mainstream media are attempting to create the illusion of a consensus and overwhelming support for gun legislation, but that's a complete fabrication, other than in the obvious liberal bastions in parts of the country.
Because the extremist went all in, they now can't back down. This is a fight they will continue no matter what it costs their colleagues. In the end their overreach could be a good thing for freedom, as it would sweep Democrats out of power and a more conservative U.S. House and Senate would be the result.

Bill Clinton sees all this, but thankfully he wasn't heeded, as this is going to end badly for the Democrats, who are now locked into a battle they can no longer disengage from. Some of them are so delusional as to believe the media reports that Americans are behind their push to crush the Second Amendment and take away the right to bear arms.

They can say what they want, the majority of Americans know this is there end game, with so-called assault weapons and universal background checks the Trojan Horse to get them in.

Whatever happens, this will be a win/win for Second Amendment supporters, as either the Democrats will cave and they'll be voted out of office, or they'll decide to represent their constituents and vote against the draconian gun restrictions trying to be imposed on the American people.

Even if they vote for gun control, it's likely not to affect gun supporters, as it doesn't appear there are enough votes to get anything significant passed at the federal level. What it would do is open the door for Republican and/or Tea Party candidates to come into office. 

As far as it relates to the right to bear arms, that is a far better scenario than exists now.

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