Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Rhode Island Rep. Doreen Costa Opposes Gun Control

Doreen Costa, among the small contingent of Republicans representing the people of Rhode Island, says she opposes gun registration in the state, along with the proposed fines per weapon. There could even be a jail sentence if gun owners don't adhere to the law.
Opponents to changing Rhode Island gun laws say there is already enough gun control in the state.
In a General Assembly with a super majority of Democrats, gun control is not a partisan issue according to one of the state’s few republicans.
“This issue is not a democrat-republican thing, it’s a second amendment thing if you ask me,” said Rep. Doreen Costa.
District 31’s Costa is ready to fight against one piece of proposed legislation that would require gun owners to register their weapons with local police, charge them $100 per weapon, and fine them or put them in jail if they don’t comply.

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