Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Gun Control Irrelevant in Robin Kelly's Chicago Victory

The media creation of a fixed and rigged election which supposedly was a defining moment in U.S. politics concerning gun control going forward, is a joke, and the outright lie by gun control supporter Robin Kelly, who won the Democratic primary for a Chicago area U.S. House seat, was totally meaningless in regard to the Second Amendment and what the majority of Americans believe.

Here is what the dishonest and delusional Kelly said, "The voters sent a message that tells the NRA that their days of holding our country hostage are coming to an end. And their days of scaring Congress into submission on gun control are coming to a close."

with that as a backdrop, why did I start off with the idea that this election was fixed and rigged? It's because it was about the safest election available in the country that could have the term 'gun control' associated with it so it would appear to be a representation of what Americans think.

But when you consider Chicago is a cesspool of political corruption, it's largely meaningless. The other factor is that New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg contributed $2 million in television ads in the area, focusing on gun control. In other words, this was an artificial construct, a creation that had little to do with gun control, but simply another election.

The fact that Kelly already assured a victory (by Bloomberg's involvement), means she and her cohorts stole the gun control issue and included it as part of her platform in order to use it as possible leverage in the gun control debate.

As a matter of fact, until the interference of Bloomberg, Second Amendment supporter Debbie Halvorson was thought to have been in the lead; meaning that the people of Chicago, in the last several days of the election, where manipulated and swayed by Bloomberg's anti-gun and anti-Second Amendment attack ads, to the point of making it appear there was huge opposition to Halverson because of her support of the Second Amendment, when in fact half or more of the voters, before Bloomberg's wicked interference, were going to vote for Halverson.

The bottom line is there is no message sent out of Chicago other than the fact the corrupt city and media manipulated its largely uneducated population into changing their votes in the last days of the election to result in Kelly being the winner.

This doesn't in any way translate into America as a whole, and only underscores political corruption and media manipulation amongst a population that wasn't able to discern the underlying issues as well as most other areas of America can and will.

In reality, it only shows how much must be done in a liberal bastion to even break even on the right to bear arms. We should be heartened by this, rather than discouraged, because if Chicago barely votes someone in using these types of tactics, the majority of America will vote against these anti-Second Amendent thugs.

What is being attempted here, and which is a real danger, is if Americans buy into the lie and are socialized by the media into believing Chicago represents middle class America. It doesn't.

Americans need to realize all of this is a media creation which doesn't have any basis in reality for most Americans. We must not drink the kool aid of the mainstream media cult which has joined hands with liberals and those wanting to have a dictator in America, whose only practical challenge is that Americans are armed to the teeth. Let's keep it that way.

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