Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Obama's Fraudulent Anti-Gun Twitter Campaign

The outrageous and disgusting tactics of Barack Obama and his cohorts in trying to make it look like Americans are overwhelmingly in support of gun control, only confirms the reality that the American public is strongly behind the right to bear arms.

Texas Republican Rep. Steve Stockman isn't sitting idly by as Obama's henchmen attempt to deceive the public and lawmakers with this false campaign. He is pressuring the White House and its campaign arm, Organizing for Action, by sending both letters demanding the crooked Obama administration and OFA reveal whether Obama or his staffers knew about the illicit tactics.

He asked for records, reports, audits, letters, and other records that have any connection to the president's gun-control farce.

Stockman wrote, "I am deeply troubled by this week's revelation supporters of President Obama's anti-gun campaign employed 'spambots' to send fake Twitter messages to members of Congress intending to create the false appearance of grassroots support."

At least 16 lawmakers received the large number of tweets, with seven of them being Republicans and nine of them Democrats.

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