Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Christopher Dorner Would Have Passed Background Check

There is no doubt every nonsensical idea to put restrictions and rules on guns will fail, if the stated reason of protecting people is the real reason.

For example, the infamous former Los Angeles police officer, Christopher Dorner, who murdered several people recently, would have had no problem passing a background check. All something like that does is have criminals simply go to the black market to obtain firearms. Only law abiding citizens would be will to partake in a background check, and so that does absolutely nothing.

Another little known way to obtain firearms is through what are called 'gun trusts.' These trusts include members who are exempt from rules that individuals looking for guns are subject to. There are essentially little or no requirements for buying guns and ancillary items.

Even here some concerns being aired are about controlling this part of the gun market. For example, a family member simply has to pass on their guns to another family member in these trusts.

Think of that though. That's already the practice among families already, and there's not a law in the world that will change that.

We'll continue to pound on the only way to protect people from killers using guns or other weapons, and that is to have armed people in public places, or gun protection in the home. Nothing else can even the odds of surviving attacks than that.

Those who are attempting to create a utopia on earth, are also behind the gun grab movement. This is an evil idea that dictator types always have as part of their makeup, and the removal of guns, people, certain businesses, and any other thing that gets in the way of this terrifying vision of the earth they want will be attacked.

Of course gun control is one of the greatest prizes they're looking for, as they have gotten bolder and bolder in trying to impose their will on the population, and in America, if they are allowed to restrict guns, they will continue to grab and take until they get everything else they want.

Contrary to gun owners and freedom-minded people, these liberals and tyrants aren't willing to stand up for their rights to the death, which is why they don't ever try to attack conservatives and libertarians straight on.

But as far as their ridiculous attempts to assault the right to bear arms, it's easy to see they are feeble and anemic, and will do nothing to stop violence.

Violence is in the hearts of some men and women, and it's what is within that is the source of hate and murder, not the fantastic tool that a gun is. Only having an armed populace will protect people from extreme damage from crazies.

All we can do as a society and people is to limit the damage by quickly responding to a killer. Anything else is an illusion and dangerous idea that can only result in tyranny wrapped in the dream of a liberal, progressive utopia.

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