Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Iredell, NC Wants Guns in Schools

Bold Iredell County Commissioners in North Carolina are pushing lawmakers in North Carolina to allow guns to be in the schools.

The last board meeting of the Commissioners resulted in two resolutions. The first would allow for guns to be allowed on school campuses, and the second that state lawmakers not offer support to stricter gun control laws.

"It would allow teachers who chose to do so, who had a valid North Carolina permit, to carry their weapons to school," said Commissioner David Boone.

"We just wanted to make a statement, to our General Assembly, to our representatives, that the people of Iredell County strongly support the Second Amendment," said Iredell County Commissioner Renee Griffith.

To go along with the initiative, Tuesday was declared "The Right to Bear Arms Day" in the county.

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