Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Canadian Gun Control Lie Exposed

Canadian columnist Brian Lilley exposes the lie that he says is seen in numerous letters and columns in newspapers across America, which point to Canada as an example of gun control. Here is his insight into the matter as gun control has permeated Canada.

That’s the type of argument that has appeared in columns and letters to the editor across the United States since the gun control debate reignited last December with the Sandy Hook massacre.

You won’t have your guns taken away, just registered with the government. As I said in early January, registration leads to confiscation. That’s been the Canadian experience anyway as police and politicians decided that certain guns were bad and needed to be surrendered.

In order to get Canadian residents to surrender their guns to the government, laws were enacted which forced owners to turn them in once they were placed in a registry.

How did they get law abiding gun owners to surrender their rifles without compensation? They are all in the registry and failure to comply means jail time.

Finally, Lilley says these are now the requirements for gun owners in Canada.

 ... forget a simple background check. In Canada you need a background check, a safety course, a licence and a hall pass to use your guns. Because in essence that’s what this document, the “Authorization to Transport,” amounts to – a glorified hall pass.

Read Lilley's column to see the real story behind Canadian gun control.

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