Tuesday, February 19, 2013

NY Lawmaker Ed Day Blasts Cuomo's Gun Bill

In a prepared statement, Day said steps are needed “to correct the overreaches and irregularities in Governor Cuomo’s gun bill.”

“As a retired member of the law enforcement community, I have been disheartened by much of the content of the new overly broad and restrictive gun legislation passed in haste by the State,” said Day.  “As such, and based on the recommendations of several law enforcement organizations, I am proud to have written and co-sponsored, along with Legislators Carey and Hood, a resolution calling for active and retired law enforcement exemptions from magazine capacity restrictions and ammunition purchase restrictions, along with a more clearly defined definition of assault weapons (such that legal gun owners and hunters are not impacted), and full local agency review of school safety plans, as opposed to the state agency now proposed.”

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  1. When he worked as the Baltimore City Chief of Detectives a few years back, Ed Day was quite supportive of gun control. In fact, it sounds like he wanted more overreach than Governor Cuomo got.