Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Preacher Wears Gun on “Second Amendment Sunday”

photo credit: Steve Fuller
Saying he wanted to make a stand for freedom and the Second Amendment, John Linnehan stood  before the congregation last Sunday wearing a holster with a semi-automatic 9-milimeter Ruger in it.

Linnehan said, “I don’t normally pack a gun. I don’t usually do it, but today I wanted to take a stand so there’s no misunderstanding as to where we stand.”

As for the message, Linnehan said it was generally about the idea of freedom.

Part of that message was displayed on his shirt, which you can see to the right. with "Freedom" boldly emblazoned on the front of it. On the back of his shirt were the phrase 2nd Amendment, with 2 having the word Amendment curved above it.

While this was an exercise to send a message, there is no doubt a growing number of congregations have internal security to protect them as they have been targets of crazies in the past.

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