Tuesday, March 5, 2013

No Consensus for Connecticut Lawmakers on Gun Laws

The inability for Connecticut lawmakers to reach an agreement on gun-control laws shows how deeply Americans resent politicians interfering with their right to bear arms as guaranteed by the Second Amendment.

As usual, Democrats attempted to restrict guns, wanting to ban so-called assault weapons which account for very few homicide deaths in the United States.

The usual idea of limiting magazines to a small number of rounds was part of the legislation, as was the attempt to expand the number of "assault" weapons that would be banned.

Republicans rejected both laws, although they support strengthening background checks of some sort.

When the crazy nut killed 20 children at the elementary school, and the public still supports the right to bear arms in that state, it means lawmakers need to think in a totally different way to address the problem.

Rand Paul has offered the best idea, which many others agree with, and that is to have trained and armed school employees on hand in order to protect the children and others. That is the only way to limit the damage and make killers think twice about entering the advertised gun-free zones that the public schools are.

Other public areas like churches already have armed personnel on hand, which has cut back on the attempts to kill members of the congregations.

As for those willing to kill people using firearms, they aren't going to be deterred by penalties of stiffer jail sentences. A person reaching that decision has already lost rationality and control.

No law can protect people, and so defense needs to be the way this is handled.

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