Thursday, March 14, 2013

NRA’s Keene: Obama, Democrats, Should Have Listened to Clinton

Citing former president Bill Clinton, NRA President David Keene said he thinks President Barack Obama and other Democrats are shocked by the resistance to gun control, saying Clinton was right when he warned them they should stay clear of the battle.

Clinton was in office last time an effort to restrict guns was engaged in, and the result was a drubbing of the Democrats in the next election.

“(Gun control proposals were) one of the main reason for Republicans seizing the House in 1994. Americans care about the Second Amendment and president is seeing that,” Keene said.

Keene rightly notes that the problem with proposed background checks is the fact it would have to be accompanied by a gun registry in order to be effective. Gun supporters know if that is what is put into effect, it would be the first step towards the government confiscation of weapons.

As for the proposal of lame duck Obama to have Congress vote on the expansion of gun controls, Keene said he would like to see that happen as well so voters would know who to kick out of office next election cycle.

“We want a vote as well because a lot of people who are hostile to the Second Amendment haven’t had to go through a vote,” Keene said. “A lot of politicians have been able to say ‘I’m with you,’ but these votes would put people in a position of supporting the Second Amendment or not.”

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