Thursday, March 14, 2013

Feinstein's Attempt to Ban 157 Guns a Waste of Time

When thinking about Sen. Dianne Feinstein's sponsoring of the ban on 157 specific guns, which has zero chance of being passed, I realized there's something more to the sponsorship of the bill than meets the eye.

There is the usual use of the introduction of such a bill to garner media attention. That's a given. It makes her Utopian, liberal base feel good about her.

But that's irrelevant in the scheme of things. It's what comes afterwards that concerns me. Once this bill is completely rejected, it sets up people for a less ominous-appearing bill, which could appear reasonable to a larger number of people who reject this one outright.

Even her reference to the "...800-pound gorilla out there" battling the bill, referring to the National Rifle Association, totally, completely misses the reason why no bill like this, or others like it, should ever pass: it's the people that reject opposition to the Second Amendment and the right to bear arms. The NRA is only a focal point of that support, not the impetus behind the support.

So people rising up all across the nation to oppose gun control are not under the sway of the NRA, but are spontaneously showing their opposition to those attempting to further control their lives and strip away even more of their freedoms.

Feinstein and others like her know the NRA isn't her real enemy, it's the freedom-loving people of America that are her enemy. She can't admit that of course, so she continues to demonize the NRA so she doesn't have to directly attack the people of America with her bizarre and weird ideology.

Democrats appear to be getting more and more nervous over the out-of-touch politicians like Feinstein, who can't relate in any way, shape, or form with everyday Americans. She believes the polls that are skewed to return the wanted firearms narrative sought by those implementing them, but fails to even see the overwhelming opposition from the American people who adhere to and support the Second Amendment.

What is terrific about wackos like Feinstein is her desire and lust for media coverage and exposure is resulting in Americans buying more guns and ammo than any time in history, including those that have never acquired guns before. That means she is helping to create an even larger base of opposition, while influencing even more Americans to buy guns.

Feinstein is about as clueless as a politician can get, as evidenced by her nutty actions and assertions.

The fact is even calling firearms that include “no-thumb hammers” an assault weapon is statistically an outright lie. Less than 1 in 10 guns used in crimes are of that type. But repeating the mantra over and over again makes quacks like Feinstein think people will start to consider these types of guns as assault weapons.

While it's possible with someone as ignorant and mentally challenged as Feinstein is to seriously believe this type of legislation has any chance to pass at all, my feeling is it's a set up for later legislation that is less restrictive in look and tone, and which could curry favor among former opponents.

In the meantime, those that actually believe a bill like this could pass are running up and stocking up on guns and ammunition. In that sense we have a lot to thank Feinstein for.

As for the Democrats, they should have come out and opposed Feinstein and other radicals like her, because Americans are still furious and stinging over the forced implementation of Obamacare, which the majority rejected. Politicians paid for the crime against them, and it's likely they'll pay even more for the attempt to trash the Second Amendment and criminalize law-abiding citizens. It couldn't happen to a better group of thugs.

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