Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Media Manipulating Gun Rights Battle

If you do some online searches, you'll find when you search for stories on the gun control, the stories increasingly filling the top spots are states that are favorable to restricting gun use in some form.

That hasn't been the case over the last several weeks, but as the stakes get higher and opposition to gun control rises, the media are trying to make it appear as if a vast majority of Americans are behind gun control, when in fact they are far more supportive of the Second Amendment.

When doing some searching today, all I saw were liberal states like Washington, Colorado, Maryland, Chicago, and Los Angeles on the front search page when searching for gun control.

You can tell they see the handwriting on the wall when the media does as much as it can to influence the minds and hearts of America by making it appear to be a minority that support the right to bear arms.

Along with that, the media continue to identify rifles as assault rifles, even though rifles only account for under 350 (2009) of the approximate 9,000 murders using guns in America. In fact, there is really no such thing as an assault rifle, if you measure it by any statistic for the reasons already mentioned: very few people are killed by them.

In other words, if it's called an "assault" rifle, there must be measurable statistics to show they are used in many killings in comparison with other firearms. How come we don't hear about assault handguns, or assault pistols? That would make more sense when using the inflammatory phrase of assault rifle, as handguns are by far the most used firearm in murders in America.

The mainstream media are trying to paint a united front as the narrative in the battle against the right to bear arms, and by doing that, are hoping to sway politicians to vote in the way the want them to.

If politicians believe there are more favoring gun control, then they will go with it. It's not the case, but the media are attempting to make that false story believable. We need to convince our representative otherwise, and remind them of the consequences of voting to restrict our Second Amendment rights.

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