Saturday, August 22, 2015

There Should Be No Gun-Free Zones in Public Places

It's incredibly ignorant to continually push for gun-free zones in public places, as it obviously invites those intent on doing harm to come and do so.

While it's great to see the Texas state law implemented which allows concealed handguns for those with permits to be in classrooms, dorms and other areas, it's unfortunate it left wiggle room for universities to still be able to designate some areas as gun-free. It makes no sense.

In this world as it is, who wants to hang out in a place that forbids people to protect themselves? Are people so ignorant as to think this will stop anyone with the intent to harm others? The point is to make sure anyone thinking of hurting others will have to pay a big price for their actions.

Some Texas universities, such as the University of Texas, have formed committees to write policies concerning how guns will be allowed on campus.

The problem that will arise is the universities' leadership will attempt to limit the spirit of the law, which will bring about lawsuits to clarify it. There is already a battle brewing over how much discretion universities in Texas have concerning the law.

Gun opponents in power will do everything they can to make it hard for those carrying guns.

The Texas law will take effect on August 1, 2016. We'll see how it plays out leading up to that date, as it will likely reveal the hurdles and stalling tactic similar laws and measures will face going forward.

As for gun-free zones, we need to continue to diligently pursue the abandonment of this idea, and open up all public places so being able to defend ourselves.

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