Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Proposed Assault Weapons Ban Dropped in Defeat

In another blow to anti-Second Amendment politicians, Harry Reid let extremist Dianne Feinstein know that her bill to ban assault weapons was being dropped from existing legislation. In the best-case-scenario the bill only had 40 supporters.

All this was was a giant waste of time apparently initiated for political theater which the liberal, mainstream media ate up. It was never going to happen. Period!

Feinstein is even trying to recoup some dignity after being publicly trounced by the electorate, which overwhelmingly oppose the liberal from California.

Even the media watching it die attempt to offer support to Feinstein, saying it could come up for a vote later. Who cares? It's dead. It's going to be voted down and trounced again if it is brought up.

The disingenuous Reid read the handwriting on the wall and knew the moderate Democrats being pressured to vote for the legislation would get hammered in the next election, which could result in a huge shift in power for the Republicans.

This happened with Obamacare, and will no doubt happen again if these draconian attempts at taking away the right of Americans to bear arms is passed.

The pathetic Feinstein is living in the ultimate state of denial by again blaming the NRA for all of this. It sounds like Hillary Clinton when talking about the "vast right-wing conspiracy."

Liberal nuts like these can't see that it's the American people that oppose all of this, not special interest groups that exist as a representative of that opposition. If there were no NRA there would still be just as much opposition to gun control as there is now.

While this is one victory we have to be careful, as this, in my estimation, has always been a set up to get other legislation passed which now appears to be less intrusive to Second Amendment advocates.

What is being proposed now is to combine the other bills together in order to put pressure on conservatives and moderate Democrats to vote for it. Unless they're totally blinded to the immense support they have, they would have to be politically suicidal to sign on to any of these ridiculous bills.

Just a little while ago sequestration was being presented as a disaster for Republicans. No one even cares about it in the aftermath, and things are going along just fine now.

Not only will that be the same with guns, but it will be even more beneficial for Republicans and conservatives going forward.

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