Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Minnesota Gun Control Resistance Strong

The problem with the national narrative on the Second Amendment, right to bear arms, and gun control, is usually reporters and writers socialize and get quotes and comments from those that don't regularly interact with state and local politics; they see things from a skewed Washington outlook.

So when significant opposition to gun regulation is being expressed in Minnesota, pundits are surprised, when if in fact if you've spent much time in the state like I have, you would know it's a no-brainer that there won't be an easy road for politicians proposing gun control measures.

Per capita Minnesota may have as much gun ownership as any state, and it won't be easy, if possible at all, to do much more than do some background checks and mental health evaluations. It would be surprising if anything else was brought to the table and passed, as politicians in the state would surely be lucky to survive the next election.

National politicians are clueless concerning the fact that this isn't a Democrat or Republican issue, but rather an issue surrounding the freedom for all Americans to benefit from the Second Amendment if they choose to.

So when lawmakers on the national level attempt to paint it in that way, it's not believable to state and local constituents, as well as not supportable.

When considering Minnesota politically, it was believed to be a slam dunk by liberals, as almost everything in the state is controlled by Democrats.

Obama thought he had a nice, safe state to pander to in a recent visit, but Minnesota in regard to firearms is far from safe.

One Minnesota Republican expressed what many around America think support.

We aren’t doing enough because the legislators won’t let us do enough. If we want to arm teachers, we want to have armed security guards, we want to put a shooter in the scene that can actually do something, legislatures are saying no and pretending these worthless gun bills are going to do any good, which they don’t.

Minnesota Democrat Governor Mark Dayton has tested the winds and has no intention of signing any gun control regulation into law, as he faces re-election in 2014. He said the only way he would sign a gun package is if it is supported by Minnesota lawmakers from rural areas. In other words, Minnesota won't be implementing any gun control laws any time soon.

If that's the case in a blue state like Minnesota, it's unlikely to fly anywhere else except in totally liberal, elitist states where it's politically safe to do so. That's why Colorado gets so much national press, as it's considered a bellwether for the rest of the nation if gun control laws are passed with no political ramifications.

But even if it is, it's not representative of the majority of states, and politicians know that contrary to out-of-touch national leaders and media, it's at the state and local levels where much of the political payback would come.


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