Friday, March 22, 2013

Feinstein: A Gift That Keeps on Giving

Gun control extremist Diane Feinstein is one of the best gifts conservatives and Republicans could have hoped for, as her pressuring of Democrats not in a safe state as she is will result in them being thrown out by voters in the next election if they vote for her bill on so-called assault rifles.

The bill has never had a chance to be passed, and Harry Reid noted he can only guarantee, in the best-case-scenario, about 40 votes. Still Feinstein whiningly presses on, seemingly oblivious to the career-ending results awaiting her colleagues. It doesn't get better than this for those of us wanting more of these radicals thrown out of office.

If they do in fact vote for Feinsteins bill, it will be their last year as politicians.

What's hilarious about this is Feinstein is stomping her feet and throwing a tantrum over the possibility the bill won't even be brought to the floor for a vote by Reid, who understands the dilemma he faces, and will probably make a political enemy out of Feinstein, who is being made to look like a bigger fool every day that passes.

Americans don't want this bill, as evidenced by the fact so few politicians are willing to vote for it. They have heard from their constituents, and even though some believe wrongly in the bill, they will have to vote against the people they represent to assuage those beliefs.

Now the question comes down to whether or not they're bold enough to vote their beliefs or to vote in a way that goes along with the wishes of the people they represent. Poor politicians.

There is no way out for any of them. Either Harry Reid will made to look a liar for telling Feinstein he will bring the legislation to the floor for a vote; the liberal Democrats will vote for the bill if it is brought to the floor; or Feinstein will look extremely weak and without influence.

All of this is great for conservatives and Republicans. It doesn't get much better than this.

We can hope the Democrats are forced to vote on the bill, which will alter the political landscape in favor of more conservative politicians. It's a win now no matter what happens in the outcome.

This is another reason why Bill Clinton warned his fellow Democrats to not aggressively pursue gun control. They're learning through hard experience why.

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