Saturday, March 2, 2013

Albany Stormed by Over 7,000 Gun Supporters

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NY Republican Committee
The sneaky passage of the (un) SAFE Act on January 19 in New York has resulted in outrage from thousands of New York residents, who came in thousands to Albany to express their anger at the thuggery of New York politicians.

According to a number of lawmakers in the state, they has about 20 minutes to review the bill before a vote was asked for. There was very little debate a literally zero input from the public. Liberals always go this route because the general population would never go along with their attacks on freedom and liberty.

It's the same tactic that brought us the disastrous Obamacare. Nonetheless, it is subject to legal challenges because the dictator of New York, Andrew Cuomo, pushed it in a manner where the New York constitution was ignored, which requires a 3-day debate period. The bill was forced through in several hours, raising questions as to whether it is even legitimate and legal.

A New York State Supreme Court Justice Judge - Gerald Connolly - has already ordered Cuomo and leaders of the state legislature to show why the passage of the gun control law was done so quickly.

Per a lawsuit, Connolly said Cuomo and lawmakers have until March 11 to give a satisfactory answer. Connolly is considering issuing a temporary injunction before the new law is put into effect.

It's unlikely this will be the only lawsuit filed challenging the outrageous law. New York voters are already saying those voting against the Second Amendment and the right to bear arms will pay in the next election. All of us eagerly wait for that to happen.


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