Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Utah Looking at Six Pro-Gun Bills

Utah isn't taking the gun grab and attempt to trash the Second Amendment lying down, as six bills were proposed to the House Judiciary Committee, with one already passing.
HB76 would allow any adult over the age of 21 to carry a concealed weapon with or without a permit. The bill passed the House Judiciary Committee 7-2.
HB114 declares the firearm regulation is "reserved completely to the state" and would penalize anyone attempting to enforce federal law. HB268 would keep police officers from charging a person with disorderly conduct just for carrying a weapon in public without other disorderly behaviors. Both bills will be reviewed by the House Judiciary Committee on Friday.

There were several other bills proffered to the Committee, which will have to wait to be seen whether they're more statements being made or legitimate bills that Utah wants to have put into law.
Other weapons-related bills proposed during this Legislative session include HB317, which prohibits the sharing of concealed firearm permit information with the federal government and makes disclosing or sharing concealed firearm permit information a third-degree felony; HB211, which modifies the requirements for issuing and renewing a concealed weapon permit for a United States active duty service member and spouse; and HB278, which requires law enforcement to return a firearm in its possession to the legal owner upon proof of ownership.
One woman came to the meeting with her five children, and rightly noted that the battle against violence doesn't mean people should have their rights taken away from them.

Siri Davidson said, "If there's no guns, they'll find a knife. If there's no knife they'll find a rock. Bad guys don't stop."

Davidson is right of course, and how hard is it to see this simple reality?

The bottom line is people need to be trained and armed with weapons in order to quickly deal with anyone that wants to kill innocent people. That's the only answer to dealing with people, as it's what is inside of people that is murderous, not the means they use to attack or kill someone.

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