Friday, February 22, 2013

Minnesota Gun Owners Wear Them at Hearings

Handgun holstered on his hip, Anthony Triemert showed up to Minnesota's Capitol on Friday for the latest in a number of recent legislative hearings on various gun control proposals.

"I just came down here today to show support for Second Amendment rights," he said. But Triemert's right to carry a loaded gun is safe in this building. Minnesota is one of at least nine states that allow people to carry guns into the brick-and-mortar homes of government.

All he and other Minnesotans have to do is notify the Minnesota Department of Public Safety in advance. As hundreds of pro-gun activists have streamed into the state's legislative hearings on gun controls, such notifications have spiked in the last month — almost 1/5th of all notifications given since the current permit law took effect in 2006.

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