Monday, February 25, 2013

Freedom and the Right to Bear Arms

There is nothing in the Second Amendment suggesting any politician or lawmaker can change or adapt it to make it say anything but in America we all have the right to bear arms. Not only does that apply to protection against criminals and crazies, but also against a government that attempts to assert itself in a manner that results in tyranny.

So even though the attempt by mainstream media to demonize "assault" rifles as being unnecessary and evil, the fact is there are very few of the homicides in America that are the result of a rifle. Only about 348 of all guns deaths in America, as of 2009, were as the result of a killer using a rifle. The vast majority of those using guns for murder, use handguns.

The other lie is the use of the term assault rifle in the first place. In reality there is no such thing. It is a rifle ... period. Nothing else.

Most people that have some wisdom understand that Americans with automatic and semi-automatic firearms don't have them for the purpose of taking on the U.S. military in a direct confrontation, as that's ludicrous. They own them for personal protection, and to make a statement that we're a free people; which is what owning guns is really all about.

Having said that, if a government does turn evil, they know it'll cost a lot if they want to try to subdue a population that is packing.

Over the last 100 years of so various nations have talked their citizens into turning in their firearms, and it wasn't long afterwards they brutally suppressed them.

The bottom line is America was birthed in freedom, and gun ownership was a symbolic and practical way for its people to express that freedom, and if it ever came down to it, fight for it.

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