Saturday, February 23, 2013

Firearms Low on Death Causes List in America

When combining death causes from the CDC and FBI, it is found that firearms are very low on the causes of death in America. Here are the leading causes of death from all types, with the final two from 2009 FBI data.

Below are the leading US killers and the source of data:

 •Annual deaths from heart disease based on CDC data: 597,689
 •Cancer deaths from CDC data: 574,743
 •Chronic lower respiratory diseases (CDC): 138,080
 •Stroke deaths (CDC): 129,476
 •Deaths from accidents, unintentional injuries (CDC): 120,859
 •Alzheimer’s disease deaths per year (CDC): 83,494
 •Diabetes (CDC): 69,071
 •Influenza deaths each year (CDC): 50,097
 •Suicide deaths (CDC): 38,364
 •Overall weapons deaths (2009 FBI): 13,636
 •Overall firearm deaths (2009 FBI): 9,146

Some may question the firearms deaths being at that level, as the media attempt to make it look like it's an epidemic, when it in fact is very low in comparison to other leading causes of death.

The reason the data are inflated concerning firearm deaths in America is because they include suicides from firearms, as well as accidental deaths. Actual homicides though are accurately represented by the 9,146 in 2009.

So instead of the 30,000 or so lied about the media as to murders where firearms are used (lies of omission, because they purposely don't attempt to break down the data), it is about a third of that.

The other data left out are those from 2007-2011, where it is found that violent crime has plummeted during those years, undermining the hype and hysteria of gun control fanatics.

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