Tuesday, February 19, 2013

3-D Printing Already Ends Gun Control Efforts

Before gun control efforts have begun, it has already been co-opted by new 3-D printing technology which allows anyone to make a physical gun with a piece of software.

The software has already been placed in the hands of an unknown number of people, with some offering the software saying their downloads are already in the hundreds of thousands, and that's just one company.

With the software already in the hands of people, the ability to share that software with others has already made any gun control laws and regulations obsolete before they're attempted to be put into effect.

Even the low-level 3-D printers can produce a gun that can shoot some rounds off, and the more expensive 3-D printers can design automatic rifles made of high-grade polymers and other strong materials for more predictable results.

The point is the debate on firearms is over. While there was already no way to control firearms, as there are already laws in place which allow people to make their own guns in the United States, now that has went to the next level because the knowledge barrier is now gone, as all that must be done is obtain some software and if you have access to a 3-D printer, you can have your own gun of almost any type.

If there are attempts to regulate the 3-D printing industry, it's already too late as well, because people with the know-how, like in the early days of personal computers, know how to make their own 3-D printers which are open source and not related to a brand or company. Like I said. It's already too late.

Laws will do nothing to prevent the killers from killing. As some politicians have noted, as well as others, the best way to prevent these murders is to have armed and trained people in public places such as schools, churches and government buildings.

In the world we live in, it's managing the extent of the damage inflicted by a killer that is realistic, not the attempt to remove guns from public use, as the law-abiding citizen isn't a danger to the public at all, but those that are will find ways to secure guns to go on a killing spree.

There is no other way to stop this type of behavior except with force. Guns are the answer to gun violence, and training people to use them in these emergency situations is the only answer there is.

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